News about these Sites

In the Table below you will find what happend to this Site recently. The newest Changes will always be on Top. The further down you go, the older the Stuff. If possible, a click on the Title of the change will bring you directly to the altered page. Date is given in german way of notation,

Date Title New Major
31.10.2013 Einige NPCs aus den letzten Jahren nachgereicht
added some more NPCs
28.04.2009 das Ensemble der Oper von Korte
added some more NPCs
26.04.2009 Neue Information über meine Welt / Fauna
New Information to my own World / Fauna
26.04.2009 Mittelalter-Seiten entfernt
Mediaval Pages deleted
26.04.2009 VGA Planets-Seiten entfernt
VGA-Planets pages deleted
10.02.2006 Neue Infoseite für Mittelalter Märkte X
15.11.2005 Aufgabenlog aktualisiert X
15.11.2005 Added a new "Dungeon" X
15.11.2005 added a few links, thus creating a new topic for links X
17.08.2005 expanded on my world, the town of Ornal was added X
21.06.2005 Translated some more of my pages to keep going with it. X
26.05.2005 Added a new exercise for my group X
05.03.2005 New NPC: King Hornos X
05.03.2005 Added History for Elrahan X
05.02.2005 Added new Part for my Playround X
25.01.2005 Added Town Nogel to My World X
22.01.2005 New Planets Link added X
20.01.2005 neue Links X
20.01.2005 Wirt Franto updated X
20.01.2005 Reconstruction finished, everything "old" is back online
Reconstruction of entire Site X